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Staff : Susan Morgan
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Susan Morgan
+ 1 (906) 227-2530
User Image About Susan Morgan:

Susan Morgan marks her 20th anniversary with Northern Michigan University in the 2017-2018 academic year.

Ms. Morgan serves as primary advising lead and administrator
for the following program types and services:

  • Faculty-led Global Academy Courses and International Service Projects
  • Affiliated Partner Programs
  • Student Teaching and TESOL Practicum Abroad
  • Internships and Directed Studies Abroad
  • New Program Development
  • Orientation
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Risk Mitigation and Crisis Response for all Study Abroad program types

    Susan received her undergraduate degree (liberal arts/history) from Kalamazoo College in 1980, and followed part of the original and unique "K-plan" with its emphasis on study abroad.   She elected a year's studies in Tokyo, Japan - before the Internet was a "thing!"  Susan followed up with graduate studies in the University of Michigan Asian Studies program, earning her MA in 1991.  (Go Blue!)  She has proudly claimed Yooper roots since 1985 and has since completed an MFA in Creative Non-fiction writing from NMU (and incidently, raised six children and step-s,all of them inordinately talented and smart).  Pull up a chair to listen about the life-long value of a well-planned study abroad...or the rewards and challenges of making a blended family work, but only if you have the time.   Susan LOVES talking about study abroad.  And her grandkids.