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International Travel Registration

Some Tips to Help You Navigate this Registration:
  1. The system will not allow you to submit responses until all required (*) fields have a response entered.  Much of the content you enter can be edited or updated once you have saved/submitted your responses.  Click on the pencil icon by questionnaires you wish to edit. Remember to hit the "Submit" button again to save your changes. 
  2. Best advice: have all your materials ready before you begin: Have your passport handy - as well as your flight itinerary, names, addresses and telephone numbers of the institutions or professional contacts where you may be contacted in an emergency.
  3. The itinerary pull-down menu is populated with known study abroad sites.  If your destination is not included, you may enter any world city and wait patiently for the system to locate it.  It takes a few moments.  If it cannot locate your city, please enter the closest large city you can.  NOTE: You can choose more than one destination; they will appear with red X marks ABOVE the pull-down menus. (This is a little tricky, visually.  Your eye wants the information to show up in the menu, but no - it's up top, with a red X next to it.)
  4. When you have submitted your responses, you will receive an e-mail prompt from  You must forward this message to your financial manager/department head, asking them to send a one-line subject response of "travel approved."  When the approval loop is closed, your registration becomes a part of the IPO risk management profile and your status will be switched to "accepted."   This step also notifies the accounting office that your payments can be processed.
  5. If you are a first-time user, and you want assistance working through the process, we'd be happy to help, either in person or by phone.  Just give us a call at 227-2510.  The system is a work in progress.  Your feedback is welcomed!